June 13, 2008
Volume 2 – Number 2

This is the latest update from the Great Plains Canola Association (GPCA). We archive past updates on our website and you can view and print a copy of our past updates from our website at www.greatplainscanola.org or www.greatplainscanola.org If you have registered on the website to receive updates you may receive this publication twice. We want to thank Monsanto and John Deere for supporting the website.

We welcome the following new members since the last update:
Marvin C. Sessler, M&K Sessler Farms. Inc., Ellinwood, KS
Jay Leeper, Leeper Farms, Alva, OK
Richard Tanner, Tanner Farms, Burlington, OK
Donald W. Weber, Okeene, OK
Joe Roever, GoForth Farms, Okeene, OK

GPCA, Oklahoma State University (OSU), Syngenta, and others collaborated to submit formal requests to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture for crisis declaration for the use of Reglone Desiccant (Diquat) to be used as a harvest aid for canola in Oklahoma.

On June 9th, Secretary Terry Peach signed a crisis declaration for the use of Reglone Desiccant (Diquat) to be used as a harvest aid for canola in Oklahoma. This crisis declaration is good for the harvest period of June 9th through June 23rd. You can contact Bill Taylor at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture if you require further information.

The Oklahoma-Kansas Winter Canola Conference will be held on Tuesday, July 15th in Enid, OK. More details will be available later on our website or on the OKANOLA website http://www.canola.okstate.edu/ The GPCA board of directors will hold its next meeting on July 15th in Enid following that conference.

The US Canola Association has awarded GPCA an education grant to promote awareness, agronomic benefits and economic returns of winter canola under dryland and irrigated systems to producers in our region. The education program called Promote Canola Acres will be done cooperatively by OSU and Kansas State University. They will identify new producers in the area and cooperate with extension agricultural agents to develop canola management skills.

GPCA president, Jeff Scott, reports that the Oklahoma state legislature has approved a three cents per hundredweight canola checkoff for research and market development. The governor has signed this legislation into law. The program will fall under the auspices of an oilseed checkoff commission.

Kenlon Johannes
GPCA Executive Director