Great Plains Canola Association News
November 8, 2007

Volume 1 – Number 1

Welcome to the first informal email update on the newly formed Great Plains Canola Association (GPCA). You provided your email address to us as someone who was interested in the development and progress of the GPCA.

The association was officially formed at its first meeting on July 19, 2007 in Enid, Oklahoma. Jeff Scott of Pond Creek, Oklahoma was elected President, Bob Schrock of Kiowa, Kansas, Vice President, and Michael Marlow of Enid, Oklahoma, Secretary-Treasurer. Other board members include John Haas of Larned, Kansas and Gene Neuens of Oklahoma City. I was asked to serve as the first Executive Director and we have our office in Topeka, Kansas.

The Articles of Incorporation have been filed with the Secretary of State’s office in Oklahoma City and By-Laws were adopted by the board. The board has approved a logo and secured a website currently under construction at and We are working with a Kansas State University attorney to economically prepare and submit the necessary documents to get our IRS non-profit designation.

We are asking individuals and companies to join GPCA. A membership application is attached. If you’re not a member please consider joining and asking others to join. The board decided to send $25 of our dues to the US Canola Association (USGA) for farmer members, not send any funds for sustaining members to USGA and send up to $50 to USGA for up to two Industry members if they join GPCA and are not currently members of USCA.

The following are current members and corporate supporters of GPCA:

Jeff Scott, Pond Creek, OK
Michael Marlow, Monsanto, Enid, OK
John Haas, Larned, KS
Gene Neuens, Plains Oilseed Products, LLC, Oklahoma City, OK
Gary Conkling, Producers Coop Oil Mill, Oklahoma, City, OK
Grover McKee, Burdon, KS
Terry Detrick, Ringwood, OK
Kim Magin, Monsanto, St. Louis, MO
Don Borgman, John Deere, Lenexa, KS
Andrew Hebard, Technology Crops International, Winston-Salem, NC

Jeff Scott, John Haas (USCA board member) and Kenlon Johannes attended the US Canola meeting October 31 to November 2 in New Orleans and were updated on the latest national programs and issues.

We are looking into state canola checkoffs for research and market development programs in Kansas and Oklahoma at 3 cents per hundredweight. We are seeking input from canola farmers and first purchasers on this effort.

We want to thank Monsanto and John Deere for their initial monetary support to help set up the association.

-Kenlon Johannes
GPCA Executive Director