The Great Plains Canola Association in cooperation with Oklahoma State University has put together the following list of custom harvesters that have harvested Canola in the past. Our objective is to provide custom harvester contact information to canola growers that may need help with a timely harvest. We will not provide your name or address to custom harvesters.
The list is composed of custom harvesters that either replied to a blog posted on the website or replied to the OSU email request for custom harvesters. These are harvesters that have experience with canola equipment and are willing to help get your crop out of the field. They may have to bring or obtain additional equipment. Please think ahead if needed and contact some of these experienced harvesters and make arrangements. We now have several custom swathers listed. Also listed are the available canola pushers in the state. It is the grower’s responsibility to contact custom harvester to make arrangements.
Also attached is a list of Oklahoma Custom Harvesters that are members of U.S. Harvesters Inc. It is very important to get your plans together now and not wait until it is time to harvest. This custom harvester list should also be available at all OSU county extension offices, POP (Plains Oil Seed Products), all canola delivery points, Coops, Seed companies, and at OSU’s website at

This list will be updated on an as needed bases and sent out by email. The Great Plains Canola Association hopes this will provide you with experienced harvesters to talk to, if you need assistance harvesting your canola.


Jeff Scott President GPCA

Bob Schrock Vice President GPCA

Kenlon Johannes Executive Director GPCA

Mark Boyles and Josh Bushong


Oklahoma State University
Okanola Project:

Meeting the needs of Canola Harvest 2011 "Bringing the growers and custom harvesters together"

In replying to the blog post on website, we would like to provide information regarding those custom harvesters that want to be involved in canola harvest in north Texas, Oklahoma and southern Kansas. Here are those with experience and equipment. We have talked to each one of these custom harvesters, and their comments are listed below. It is the grower’s responsibility to contact one of these harvesters and make any and all arrangements. I would suggest the quicker the better.

These lists are often updated. The most current list will be available at All lists are in alphabetical order, so please review the complete list.

Canola Swathing and Harvesters

  • A-Team Harvesting LLC: We have been in business for over 30 years and have experience in harvesting canola in Oklahoma. We are a family ran operation. We run 7 Case-IH combines. 5 2388’s and 2 8010’s. All combines are equipped with 35′ and 36′ draper heads or pick up heads. We have all the supporting equipment to service the combines, grain carts, service trucks and semis. References are available. You can reach Jim Ashmore at home: 785-689-7563, cell: 785-650-1685, or email:
  • Adams Harvesting: We are located in Hooker, OK. We are going to be custom harvesting canola. Contact Anthony Adams by phone: 580-522-1060 or email: for more information.
  • Agstar Harvesting: I have been harvesting since 1975 and run 4 John Deere combines. I am currently looking for wheat and canola to harvest throughout the Texas plains. Our schedule is free as we have till August 1 to be back in the Arkansas Delta. I can start at any time this summer. I will not be stressed to get done and move on because we don’t go further north on harvest run. I have all the supporting equipment to go along with machines. Chris Small 601-447-3414
  • Ahrens Farms Custom Harvesting: 24600 Sodtown Road, Ravenna, Nebraska 68869. We are currently looking for additional acres in Texas before our stop in Oklahoma. History: We moved to Nebraska in 1994 to help with the family farm after my father I eventually took over the farming and did custom planting and harvesting for local neighbors. In 2008 we started our Custom Harvesting business growing from 8 farmers to 20 farmers including local farmers in our area. We are family owned and operated. Equipment: 2-New Holland 9060 Combines, adding another one this spring. 2- MacDon Flex draper heads, adding another also. Excellent for terraces with the ability to flex and contour the ground. 6 Semi and Grain trailers, 2 Tractor and Auger wagons.We are able to do Crop field mapping for the farmers for them to see where their strengths and weakness are in the fields.
  • Altendorf Harvesting: Experienced custom canola harvester. Contact Jan Altendorf, Office: 701-248-3521, Cell: 701- 520-3202, or Email:
  • Amber Waves Harvesting, LLC: We have experience harvesting canola. We have 2 Case IH combines, 2 semi-trucks and supporting equipment available if needed. Contact Lamar Hege at 717-377-9994 or Mandy Hege at for more information.

  • Black Falcon Enterprises:
    We are a family owned and operated enterprise. Elmer started the business in 1964 after he graduated high school and has not missed a season. Leigh started operating a combine in 1986 at the age of 7 and has not missed a season since. We harvest all types of crops and have extensive experience in direct harvesting of Canola. Currently we operate 1 CaseIH AFX8010 with a 35′ FD70 MacDon flex draper. This combine is supported by a 1325 bushel J&M grain cart and up to 5 semis with hopper bottom trailers. Our combine and grain cart are equipped with 76x50x32 tires to reduce the compaction throughout our customers fields. The Combine is equipped with straw and chaff spreaders and we have been complemented many times on the even spread throughout the entire field. For further questions or to check on scheduling please feel free to contact us at any time. Leigh Baus 620-672-4490 Elmer Baus 620- 672-4290
  • Blake Harvesting: (Great Bend, KS) Equipment for 2010 will be 1- jd 9760 with 36′ draper, 4-new jd 9770 with 35’drapers; we can also have pick-up headers for canola, 2-jd tractors & carts, Draper swather, with We operated 4 trucks with a sister’s trucking company of 25 trucks. Mapping is available on all units and 4×4 on 3 units. We harvest wheat, barley, canola, corn, sunflowers, beans and milo from Texas to North Dakota. We have a 75% return crew each year and select experienced replacements, using american labor 99% of the time. You can reach Joseph at 620-253-0295 cell or our office at 806-637-0805 call anytime.
  • Bohne Harvesting: I am interested in the harvest of canola and wheat. I am out of central Texas and we are looking for a second stop when we leave here. I run two Case machines looking to add a third one this year I have a j&m grain cart, two kenworth semis and hopper bottoms. If you would email me at or call me 254-315-1448 with some details on the jobs and hope I can be of service and help get these crops out in a timely manner. Clay Bohne
  • Bowman Harvesting: We are a three generation family operation with 30 years experience on "the harvest". We have John Deere equipment. This equipment is: two JD 9770 combines with mapping, two 635 drapers’, tractor and grain cart, four semis with trailers and pickup heads. We have experience harvesting canola North Dakota. Our contact information: Bowman Harvesting, 28168 810th Ave, Hollandale, MN 56045. Robert Bowman 507-279-0646 (cell), Ryan Bowman 507- 279-0414 (cell) Home phones 507-889-9771 and 507-889-3803.
  • Brack Farms & Harvesting: We are located in Hutchinson, KS. We have a JD 9770 and a JD 9660 with pick-up reels, three Peterbuilt semis, and a JD tractor with a Kinzie 840. References are available if anyone is interested. Contact Matt Brack at 620-694-4018.
  • Brent Kittelson Harvesting & Trucking Ltd: Saskatchewan, Canada. I am currently running 6-8 John Deere 9770 combines, 1100bu. Avalanche grain carts, Peterbilt semi trucks for hauling, and the crew to operate it all. I have been custom harvesting now for 11 years always starting in Oklahoma. Please contact me, Office 306-456-2877, Cell 403-990- 5719, Home 306-923-2066 or email

  • Buck Harvesting:
    I have been in the custom harvesting business for 15 years and am out of North Dakota. I have experience with both canola/wheat swath and straight cut. We are currently looking for acres in the Fairview / Enid and surrounding areas. You may reach me at this email address or by phone 701-741-2458. Tim Buck,
  • Carlson Harvesting, Inc: We have been in operation for 15 years and operate four new Case IH combines. We would have two grain carts along with four semi trucks ready for harvest. We live in northern Minnesota and have had several years of experience with harvesting canola. We have harvested canola in North Dakota as well as Canada. We have harvested canola with pickup heads and also with our MacDon straight headers. You can either contact me at this email address or my cell number is 218-686-9189 and my home number is 218-378-4245. Travis Carlson
  • Chuckie Hurt Swathing and Baling: Located in Taloga, OK and willing to travel statewide. I am currently looking for acres to swath. I have a 30′ MacDon swather with roller. Cell: 580-886-5280
  • Cowboy Farms & Landscaping Inc: We have a 30′ draper head for custom swathing and are looking for acres in the Nash and Carrier, Oklahoma area. Contact Jared Dyche at 580-541-7774 more information.

  • Demaray Harvesting & Trucking LLC:
    Based in Casa Grande,AZ and Aberdeen, SD , established in 1970. Since that time we have harvested a great number of canola acres. Currently we harvest wheat and canola in Langdon, ND. Our equipment includes 9 ea 2010 JD 9770 STS combines with both John Deere draper and pick-up headers. We have a great deal of support equipment including a large trucking fleet which can be reviewed on our web site at or contact Tim Demaray at 520-518-7777 and email Our company is very interested in harvesting wheat/canola in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas.

  • Dennis Fisher: Omega, Okla:
    Have a 25 SP Draper JD swather with roller, 2 combines with pick-up heads, 2 semi- trucks. Looking for acres in Blaine or Kingfisher counties. 405-368-8543

  • Dishman Harvesting:
    Custom Swathing, Pickup Headers, and straight cutting. Contact Jim 918-733-6327, Tommy 940- 781-3324, 940-733-1713. 1878 Evans Rd. Wichita Falls, TX 76305
  • First Farms and Trucking LLC: Email:; Mailing Address: P.O. Box 306, 103 E. Grand, Davidson, OK 73530. Phone Numbers: (660) 334-1307 or (816) 465-1307. We are willing to work from Texas to Canada; we will do both Wheat and Canola. If you let us know what, if any special equipment is needed,you would like us to have we will have it with us. The equipment we have on hand is two John Deere combines a 9500 and 9600, wheat heads, tractor and auger wagon, three semis trailers, and a swather. Thanks, Craig and Lacey First
  • Helman Harvesting LLC: We will be custom harvesting canola in Oklahoma. We have 2 JD 9770 combines with JD 635D draper heads. We can straight cut or pick up swaths. We are looking for acres in northern Oklahoma and in Kansas. Please contact Matt Helman by phone; 260-463-1090, by email: or visit our website for more information.

  • J & J Harvesting:
    Justin & Jana Spielman. Custom Haying: Interested in harvesting canola. We are located out of Newirk, OK and have both been in the custom harvesting program for 15 years. We will be a complete turn-key operation with combines, trucks, swathers, and tractor with cart. Please feel free to call me at 580-761-2312 or email me at
  • Jacobson Harvesting: We have 2 new JD 9770 combines with 35ft drapper heads and all the support equipment. Contact Caleb at 406-696-1165 or Rodney at 406-794-8371.

  • Jason Walton Swathing and Harvest:
    Looking for Canola acres to swath and roll. Have 3 – MacDon 30′ draper heads with Trimble auto-steer and swath rollers. All machines have own transports. Contact Jason Walton at or 620-492-3512.

  • Jeff Yost Farms:
    I am a third generation family farmer in Blaine and Kingfisher Co. OK. I have been in business for 30 years. As a canola grower myself, I am aware of the special concerns that accompany harvesting canola. I have a 25 ft. self-propelled swather and roller, a 9610 Deere with a pickup head and a semi. If I can be of help this harvest in your operation, please contact me at or 405-368-8027.
  • Jeter 3 Custom Harvesting: We are interested in custom harvesting canola. Contact Tommy Jeter at for more information.
  • John Lambley: We are interested in custom harvesting canola. Contact John Lambley at 620-629-7884 or 620-655-5840 for more information.

  • Johnson Harvesting Inc:
    Been in business for 51 years. We run Case IH 8120 combines with pickup headers available. Our website is Contact Lance Johnson at 320-760-2245 or
  • Jon Pigg: We are a small family run harvest operation located out of the central Texas panhandle. We farm as well as custom harvest, so doing a good job means something to us. We have two combines with supporting equipment. As it sets right now we do not have many acres lined up for wheat harvest. As you may know wheat harvest in our area is touch and go at best due to the lack of rain. Therefore we are interested in getting something lined up starting in mid to late June. Both of our machines have 36ft draper headers, so therefore we would be willing to strait cut canola or cut it after the farmer uses a pusher on it. If enough acres are lined up a third combine can be put on the job as well. Jon Pigg; or 806-422-0656
  • Karau Farms & Harvesting: I am a custom harvester out of southern Minnesota. I’ve been harvesting since 1999. I use a 2009 JD 9670 STS combine, Kinze 840 grain cart, and a JD 4955 tractor. I will use a 635 JD drapper head on straight cut and a 914 JD pick up head on swathed. I will travel to northern Oklahoma through South Dakota. Contact Dean Karau at or 507-327-8630.
  • KLJ Harvesting: We are located at 6526 County Road E, Stratford, TX 79084. We have harvested canola in North Dakota and are interested in custom harvesting canola. Contact Karl & Karlyn Jantz at 806-753-4525 or 806-674-0967.
  • Kotara and Son’s: Based in Amarillo Texas. We run two machines. One being a John Deere 9760 and the second being a John Deere 9750. Each machine runs with a MacDon draper header. We use Kenworth tractor trailers 1050 bu grain cart. We continue to maintain our current size as we serve niche markets in hard to harvest fields such as ones meant to recapture seed grain. We focus on the Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colo. and Nebraska areas. This means our ability to focus attention to a large project locally would allow us to ensure the project is finished properly instead of being forced to move as the weather changes. Please call me at your convenience. The number I can be reached directly is 806.236.8509
  • Kraft Farms and Harvesting: I would be interested in harvesting canola. I know the farmers don’t like to wait for combines so we could be there early and ready when the crop is. Our equipment would be as follows 3 Gleaner combines R65, tractor and grain cart, 3 Kenworth semi, 1 tandem, service truck, and fully experienced crew. I have been in buisiness for 20 years. I have a lot of experience with canola. We are from ND and there is quite a bit of it raised here. We can straight cut or we also have pickup attachments to pickup swaths. If needed we have windrowers and canola rollers. Contact Al Kraft at 701-220-3405 or
  • Lamle Harvesting: P.O. Box 521 Okeene, OK 73763; (580) 822-5077; I am very interested in the harvesting of canola and wheat. I am looking to expand my custom harvesting business into Texas. I run my farming operation out of Okeene, Oklahoma. I have been custom harvesting for 35 years in Oklahoma and Colorado. Equipment: 2 – 9750 STS John Deere combines; 2- 936D draper headers; 2-Semi Trucks and 2 grain trailers; 1084 Brent Avalanche grain cart, Four wheel drive tractor. Harvest Method, Straight cutting. Eric Lamle.
  • Luke Snyder Harvesting: I have a draper head for our combine to windrow/swath the canola. I am willing to dedicate one maybe two combines to harvesting. We will be happy to straight cut, cut pushed or pick it up. Let me know if I can help. Luke Snyder, Cell: 580.478.3451, Home: 580.493.2762,
  • Maurer Bros. Harvesting: We have experience harvesting canola in North Dakota. We mostly use draper heads for straight cut and we have pick up heads available to harvest swathed canola. Contact Greg Maurer at 605-380-0610 or email for more information.
  • Melchert: Our family farms about 2000 acres in southern Minnesota. We are not the "big guy" harvesting operation as we feel then it is harder to have a good relationship with our customers and good communication. We run CASE IH with supporting equipment. I also have a machinery dealership. I work close with a friend of mine who has 70 CASE IH stores in the northern states. When it comes to getting machinery or more machinery for a job it is usually not a problem. Also if people would like to book in advance or "pre book" acres to harvest, we will offer a discount. Thank you for all of your help and we look forward to serving you in the future. Jon Melchert 507-838-5507 jdm
  • Merz Bros. Inc: Commercial Swathing and we will travel. Hesston 9260 swather and a 30′ quick disconnect draper header for easy transportation. Can also swath with draper header. Doug Merz 8051 N. Hwy 77, P.O. Box 1, Newkirk, OK. 74647. Office 580-362-3832, Cell 580-761-5833,
  • Mike Schneyder: I am interested in custom harvesting canola. Contact Mike Schneyder at
  • Odegard Harvesting: Custom canola harvesting. We have pick-up heads available. Contact Irvin Odegard at 406-480- 9537 or visit our website at
  • Olsen Custom Farms, LLC: Harvest in northern Texas and Oklahoma. We have pick-up heads available. Please check us out on our website at to learn a bit about us. Thanks! Travis Olsen, CPA, (507)-275-3176,
  • Orgain Harvesting: Jason Orgain, Rt 2 Box 96 Cheyenne, OK. 1-580-302-1221. I have worked in the harvesting business for the past 10 years. I have owned my own business for the past three years. I have cut wheat from Texas to Nebraska, corn in Arkansas and in Iowa, soybeans in Iowa and Oklahoma. I have a 9610 combine and I lease a thousand bushel grain cart, I have two semis with hopper bottoms. I will acquire any additional equipment that is needed to perform any job in a timely fashion that is required. I am also in the process of adding more machines to my operation. References are available on request.
  • OX Custom Combining: We run six new 9770 STS John Deere Combines and 2- two thousand bushel grain carts, and all supporting equipment needed to get the job done. As far as canola we run pick up headers that pick up swaths in which we do a lot of in Canada. We also run John Deere draper headers for winter wheat. We have worked out of Minnesota (49 years) so if you have questions I can be reached at 320 815 0273 or e-mail
  • Riggin Farms: We are located in Pittsburg, KS. We have four 8120 combines, four 2388 combines and supporting equipment. We are interested in custom cutting canola. Contact Earl Riggin by phone: 620-674-2388 or by email
  • Roland Clay Farms: We are located in Abernathy, TX. We are very interested in harvesting some canola in the Texas and/or Oklahoma area this year. We run 2 Case 2388 combines with draper heads and semi trucks. Contact Alan Pettit at Cell: 806-281-3645 or Home: 806-757-2158 for more information.

  • S & L Farms, Inc:
    33272 740 Rd, Imperial, NE. We are interested in harvesting wheat and canola in the Oklahoma area. We have 44 years of experience and have harvested all different types of grains. We run new JD combines and have all of the support equipment to harvest efficiently. Contact Scott Payne at 308-882-4490 or 308-882-8165.
  • Small farms LLC: We are a custom harvesting operation based out of Arkansas with 5 John Deere combines. We normally cut in the MS delta during the early summer, before going to KS to cut. We have been in the harvesting business since 1951, and have experience in all types of terrain and crop/field conditions. We also run a trucking company and have hopper bottoms to get the grain to the elevators. Feel free to check out our website at Please give Joe a call at 901-277-2200
  • South Fork Harvesters: We run 10 JD 9770 combines and carts with scales. We are currently looking for canola to harvest. Contact Jason Chandler at 308-882-6028 or visit our website

  • Stolzenburg Harvesting:
    Since the drought has taken nearly all of our wheat acres in southwest Oklahoma, we will be interested in harvesting canola. We have 3 late model Case International combines with 35 foot MacDon draper headers along with supporting equipment to get the job done in a timely manner. Contact Dan Stolzenburg by email at or visit their website at
  • Tony Rattei: I am looking for canola acres to harvest. I have John Deere belt pickup heads available. Contact Tony Rattei at 432-556-4794 or email at
  • Triple J Alfalfa: I am interested in custom swathing canola or any other crops in any state. We have 3 MacDon swathers with 25′ draper heads and rollers. For more information contact Curtis Jones at 620-492-1877 or email
  • Wenger Farms: We are interested in harvesting canola. Contact Aaron at for more information
  • Wiebke Harvesting: We have been in business for 35 years harvesting a wide variety of crops including canola. We have 2 new Case-IH 8120 combines with 40′ draper heads, belt pickup headers. Support equipment includes, service truck, tractor and grain cart with a weigh scale and 3 semi trucks with 42′ hoppers. We could possibly be available from early May to about June 20. References available upon request. Ivan and Julie Wiebke 1120 S. Belford Ave. Holyoke, CO 80734 970-580-8147


Canola Pushers

Here is the current list of growers that have canola pushers available for custom work. This equipment pushes the canola over at 30 to 45 degrees (at approx. swathing time) and then the crop is straight cut the opposite direction it was pushed. Most have indicated that they could do custom pushing.

  • Chris Bullis, Dover, OK: Phone: 1-405-368-8494
  • Kelly Chain, Canton, OK: Phone: 1-580-886-5118
  • Alan Mindemann, Apache, OK: Phone: 1-580-450-7449
  • Jeff Scott, Pond Creek, OK: Phone: 1-580-984-9911
  • Jeff Wilber, Cherokee, OK: Phone: 1-580-884-7800

More Information:2011 Canola Custom Harvest List